Charmed Aether SD-Core

Aether SD-Core is a 5G core network, responsible for the 5G Network’s control operations: Authentication, IP assignment, Policy management, Quality of Service, Slice management, and more.

Charmed Aether SD-Core automates the operations of Aether SD-Core, making it easy to deploy, upgrade and observe.

Charmed Aether SD-Core exists because mobile networks are traditionally costly and difficult to operate and that open source alternatives are either too complex or unsecure. The project combines ONF’s 5G expertise with Juju model driven operations.

Charmed Aether SD-Core is for private mobile networks operators and all connectivity enthusiasts. Use it in your farm, mine or oil rig, wherever you need 5G connectivity.

In this documentation


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How-to guides

Step-by-step guides covering key operations and common tasks



Technical information - specifications, APIs, architecture



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Project and community

Charmed Aether SD-Core is a member of the Ubuntu family. It’s an open source project that warmly welcomes community projects, contributions, suggestions, fixes and constructive feedback.