Charmed Aether SD-Core

Aether SD-Core is an open source 5G core network distributed by the Linux Foundation as part of its Aether directed fund project. SD-Core (Software-Defined Core) was previously distributed by the Open Networking Foundation (ONF).

Aether SD-Core addresses the need for a cost-effective open source 5G core network, as opposed to traditionally costly mobile networking software. It supports various functionalities, including user authentication, IP address assignment, data traffic policy management, quality of service assurance, and network slice management.

A 5G core network consists of multiple micro-services, each with its own set of configurations and service interfaces. This makes it complex to deploy and operate a 5G network. Charmed Aether SD-Core is an open source 5G core network solution, which is easy to deploy and manage. By leveraging Canonical’s Juju software orchestration framework, it brings full automation to Aether SD-Core micro services. It is also fully observable as it offers frictionless integration with Canonical Observability Stack, which is a combination of open source observability software components deployed and automated as a bundle.

Charmed Aether SD-Core is for private mobile networks. It offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use core networking solution for any enterprise that needs on-site 5G mobile network connectivity for their devices and personnel. It is also the ideal open source distribution for any technology enthusiast who would like to deploy and test a 5G mobile network for their own connectivity needs. Use it in your farm, mine or oil rig, wherever you need 5G connectivity.

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