Deploy SD-Core gNB Simulator

This guide covers how to install and configure the SD-Core gNB Simulator.


  • Juju >= 3.4

  • A Juju controller has been bootstrapped

  • A Kubernetes cluster configured with Multus

  • 1 Juju cloud for the Kubernetes cluster has been added

Deploy gNB Simulator

Create a Juju model.

juju add-model gnbsim gnbsim-cloud

Deploy the sdcore-gnbsim-k8s operator charm.

juju deploy sdcore-gnbsim-k8s gnbsim --trust --channel=1.5/edge \
  --config gnb-interface=ran \
  --config gnb-ip-address= \
  --config icmp-packet-destination= \
  --config upf-gateway= \
  --config upf-subnet=

Integrate the simulator with the offering from SD-Core.

juju consume control-plane.amf
juju integrate gnbsim:fiveg-n2 amf:fiveg-n2