Deploy SD-Core Standalone

This guide covers how to install a standalone SD-Core 5G core network, suitable for lab or proof of concept purposes.


You will need a Kubernetes cluster installed and configured with Multus.

  • Juju >= 3.4

  • Kubernetes >= 1.25

  • A LoadBalancer Service for Kubernetes with at least 3 addresses available

  • Multus

  • Terraform

  • Git


Get Charmed Aether SD-Core Terraform modules by cloning the Charmed Aether SD-Core Terraform modules Git repository. Inside the modules/sdcore-k8s directory, create a terraform.tfvars file to set the name of Juju model for the deployment:

git clone
git checkout v1.4
cd terraform-juju-sdcore/modules/sdcore-k8s
cat << EOF > terraform.tfvars
model_name = "<YOUR_JUJU_MODEL_NAME>"

Initialize Juju Terraform provider:

terraform init

Deploy 5G network.

terraform apply -var-file="terraform.tfvars" -auto-approve

The deployment process should take approximately 15-20 minutes.

You can monitor the status of the deployment:

juju switch <YOUR_JUJU_MODEL_NAME>
watch -n 1 -c juju status --color --relations

The deployment is ready when all the charms are in the Active/Idle state. It is normal for grafana-agent to remain in waiting state.


Configuration of the Charmed Aether SD-Core deployment should be done only through the .tfvars file.

To view all the available configuration options, please inspect the file available inside the Terraform module directory.

To be effective, every configuration change needs to be applied using the following command:

terraform apply -var-file="terraform.tfvars" -auto-approve