In these tutorials, we will deploy and run Charmed Aether SD-Core in various configurations.

Charmed Aether SD-Core is a complex piece of software.

These tutorials will introduce you to key concepts, tools, processes and operations, starting from your first installation to a cloud deployment. Along the way they will give examples of good practice, and pointers to much more detailed information.

You can expect to spend one to two hours working through the complete tutorials. It’s a strongly-recommended investment of time if you’re new to Charmed Aether SD-Core - it will save you many more hours later on. Follow the tutorials steps in sequence; they take you on a learning journey through the product.

The tutorials have been tested with a variety of users. We make every effort to keep them up-to-date and ensure that they are reliable - but if you encounter any problems, we want to help you, so please let us know.

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