Integrate SD-Core with an Externally Managed Radio

For simplicity in managing deployments, the gNB Name and TAC can be supplied via a charm integration. This is the purpose of the sdcore-gnb-integrator charm.


  • A Kubernetes cluster capable of handling the load from a container per represented gNB

  • Charmed Aether SD-Core Terraform modules Git repository cloned onto the Juju host machine

  • Charmed Aether SD-Core already deployed using Terraform

You need to have the following information ready:

  • A name for the gNB

  • The name of the juju model for the gNB integrator

  • The TAC (represented in hex) that the gNB is serving

  • The name of the control plane model

Deploying gNB Integrator

Given the following:

  • Model name: gnb-integration

  • GNB Name: gnb01

  • TAC: B01F

  • Control Plane Model: control-plane

Either create a new .tf file, or add the following content to you existing

module "gnb01" {
  app_name   = "gnb01"
  source     = "git::"
  model_name = "gnb-integration"
  channel    = "1.4/edge"
  config     = {
    tac: B01F

resource "juju_offer" "gnb01-fiveg-gnb-identity" {
  model            = "gnb-integration"
  application_name = module.gnb01.app_name
  endpoint         = module.gnb01.fiveg_gnb_identity_endpoint

resource "juju_integration" "nms-gnb01" {
  model = "control-plane"

  application {
    name     = module.sdcore-control-plane.nms_app_name
    endpoint = module.sdcore-control-plane.fiveg_gnb_identity_endpoint

  application {
    offer_url = juju_offer.gnb01-fiveg-gnb-identity.url